Checklist before Filing a EPF Claim Online

The below is the Checklist that should be verified before Filing a EPF Claim Online via UAN Portal

  • Check whether your Name in the UAN PortalĀ  is correct
  • Name should be exactly the same as in your “Bank Account”
  • PAN should be available in UAN (Don’t worry about whether it’s verified or unverified)
  • Bank account Details should be correct (Check your Bank account and IFSC code again)
  • Employer should have verified your Aadhaar
  • Date of Birth & Gender should be available
  • Date of Exit should be updated


If all these are done, if you file a Online Claim for Form10 and Form19 you will get the exact amount within 4 days (If you file it on Monday, you will get it on Thursday)

I filed for lumpsum amount (More than a Lakh) on Monday and got credited on Thursday (Jan18th)