Check your PF Balance – Chennai EPF Office

Check your PF Balance if your account number starts with TN/MAS/

Employee PF Account Number*  :
Name (as appears in EPF Slip) :
Mobile :

a) 2nd box is for Extension (Most of the times you need not enter it)
b) If your account no is TN/MAS/34509/456789 (You need not enter anything in the 2nd box in the first line)
c) Name need to exactly match your name in PF Slip
d) Mobile number is a Must!

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    1. it should be TB/TAM/0063915/000/0000042 and it’s Tambaram EPF Office (Search for Tambaram EPF Office check balance in EPF)

  1. How can I track my PF amount is on processing or already deposited…??
    I tried so many times to know this one. But showing here is not matching like that.. or invalid

  2. STATUS for Member ID: TN/MAS/0039080/000/0000776

    Your Account has been marked as In-operative Account. For details please contact respective EPF Office.

    **Data updated till 29-06-2015 09:50:49

    HI SIR THIS IS MD.NASEER I submit the pf with drew forms last 2 month back i check the online pf balance l get the above this

    what is the resin? sir

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