Check PF Balance | Thane(Mumbai-II) EPF Office

Check your PF Balance if your PF account number starts with TH/THA. All the PF numbers are tagged to a UAN account. If you have a PF number starting with TH/THA that is tagged to Thane PF office, then you can follow any of the methods below

Incase if you don’t have a UAN number, Generate a UAN number and check your balance!

Thane EPF Office Details –

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  1. Sir
    My name P BALA MAHESH and my pf no is: TH/THA/0043967/000/0071027. I already applied for PF 45days before, till the date no amount was credited to my account. And no information from my employer also, so please try to solve my request sir……

  2. Sir my pf number was MH/115764-A/0731 Date of submission at pf thane offoice as informed by employer is 24/aug/17 . please help for same

  3. sir, i am facing a technical problem in uan portal , when i am add the kyc in the portal that showing sql error and kyc is not add in portal , and i am facing this problem last 15 to 20 days , kindly tell me how to solve this technical problem?

  4. Sir my name PAGADALA Srinivas pf no 0022879/000/0038697 balance not showing please my request my uan no 100981036396 not avtice show me please my request my mobile no 8712196311

  5. SHRINIVAS GOUD THTHA/99543000/0012714 9890464625
    FORM SUBMITTED ON 06/09/2017

  6. Sir my pf number MH/KND/1006391/149. I applied for my pf withdrawal but I can’t see my pf status please help me

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