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Check your PF Balance if your PF account number starts with RJ/JOD. PF account numbers starting with RJ/JOD are tagged to Jodhpur PF office. All the PF numbers are tagged to an UAN account, if you don’t have the UAN, then get the UAN by following the below steps & check your balance

Incase if you don’t have a UAN number, Generate a UAN number and check your balance!

Jodhpur EPF office details –

6 thoughts on “Check PF Balance | Jodhpur EPF Office

  1. i had uan number but when i apply for uan activation……date of birth not match ….but its right so how can i check my balance

  2. EPF Jodhpur office contact no (as per web 0295 2711617-615-616 did not lifting
    alwayes busi then how to contact ??????????????

    I need enq. for my Pension status

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