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Check your PF Balance if your PF account number starts with JL/JNG. PF account numbers starting with JL/JNG are tagged to Jangipur PF office. All the PF numbers are tagged to an UAN account, if you don’t have the UAN, then get the UAN by following the below steps & check your balance

Incase if you don’t have a UAN number, Generate a UAN number and check your balance!

Jangipur EPF office details –

2 thoughts on “Check PF Balance | Jangipur EPF Office

  1. How we will get money. No response. I think it is useless. Please guide me. I want to withdraw the money. Your people did not pick up the phone

    1. We are a group of individual volunteers who are guiding people regarding EPF and we are in no way related with EPF Organization.Contact the PF Office for further details

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