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Check your PF Balance if your PF account number starts with MP/GWL. PF account numbers starting with MP/GWL are tagged to Gwalior PF office. All the PF numbers are tagged to an UAN account, if you don’t have the UAN, then get the UAN by following the below steps & check your balance

Incase if you don’t have a UAN number, Generate a UAN number and check your balance!

Gwalior EPF office details –

12 thoughts on “Check PF Balance | Gwalior EPF Office

  1. My pf ac no is 0001862/0001026 and have submitted my epf pension cliam to epfc Bhopal and they have sent to calculate the pension to yourside due to my bank account in Rajgarh district and same in your circle but after passing one month and above but not received ppo.

  2. Sir my father was an sami govt {land development bank} employee now he is retair from his job and take penson but govt has annoused revised penson. So please give detail related revised pensen of sami govt employee

  3. Dear father was govt. Employee and he knows only pf account no. And his mobile no. Is not registered. How can i chek his pf balance. Please help us.
    Pf no. ( MP 1225/285 )

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