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Check your PF Balance if your PF account number starts with SR/BRH. PF account numbers starting with SR/BRH are tagged to Bharuch PF office. All the PF numbers are tagged to an UAN account, if you don’t have the UAN, then get the UAN by following the below steps & check your balance

Incase if you don’t have a UAN number, Generate a UAN number and check your balance!

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    1. Please contact your Local EPF Office

      Note: we are group of individuals who are running this site to help people understand more about EPF and we are no way connected with EPF Office!

  1. Whenever I try to generate my UAN no I am getting this message…almost two month…
    Request for uan for this member srbhr0031202000xxxxxxx is already under process (through ecr)

    So….what I do for getting my uan no.

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