Charcot-Marie-Tooth disorder & Burning Feet

Charcot-Marie-Tooth disorder might also cause burning sensation in feet sometimes. This disease is known as hereditary motor and sensor neuropathy (HMSN) or peroneal muscular atrophy (PMA) and this widely differs from Burning Feet (Grierson Gopalan Syndrome) which occurs due to Vitamin deficiencies. People with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disorder might have occasional burning or aching sensations in feet and lower legs whereas the symptoms for burning feet syndrome are widely different.

Charcot-Marie-Tooth mainly occurs because of damage due to peripheral nerves. These are the nerves that connects our brain and spinal cord to our muscles and sensory cells which aids us in detection of sensations such as pain and touch. Any damage to these peripheral nerves can result in onset of this and other disorders.

Symptoms for Charcot-Marie-Tooth disorder may mainly involve weakness in hands and they may have difficult in doing their day-to-day activities also. They may also experience less pain as well as they may experience a decreased sensitivity to touch as well as heat and cold in feet and legs. They may also experience muscle weakness, numbness and highly arched feet etc.,

These symptoms might usually start anywhere between 5-15 and sometimes it might also occur in early or late adulthood. And these symptoms vary from person to person and this is a progressive disease and the conditions may get worse during later stages. In some rare cases this might be also life-threatening. So in order to find whether the burning sensation in your feet is due to Charcot-Marie-Tooth disorder, your physician might suggest some tests to differentiate it between Burning Feet syndrome.

If your Vitamin B levels are normal then you might be asked to undergo other tests such as Nerve conduction test, Electromyography (EMG) ,Genetic testing. Nerve biopsy to identify whether the underlying cause is Charcot-Marie-Tooth or some other disease