Crown Rump Length(CRL) in Pregnancy by Weeks

Crown Rump Length (CRL) is the length of foetus from it’s top to bottom measured during a ultrasound scan. It’s the most accurate measurement of the gestational age of the foetus (baby). It will […]

Accutane during Pregnancy

Accutane should not be taken during Pregnancy and it is know to cause severe side effects to the unborn baby. It might cause malformations or birth defects for the unborn baby. If you are […]

Foetal HeartBeat at 6 weeks in pregnancy

Foetal Heart Beat can shown in ultrasound scans as earliest as 6 weeks. In the ultrasound scans You can see a bulge where the heart is and a bum which will become head and […]

Foetal Heart Rate during pregnancy

Foetal Heart rate (or) foetal heartbeat indicates the heart rate of the baby when it’s inside the womb of the pregnant mother. The normal Foetal Heart rate ranges anywhere from 110 to 160 BPM […]

Symptoms for Diminished Ovarian Reserve

Diminished Ovarian Reserve (DOR) otherwise known as Low Ovarian Reserve is a condition where the ovary exhibits reduced reproductive potential thereby affecting fertility of many women. The main reason for DOR is defined by […]

Low/Diminished Ovarian Reserve and Natural Pregnancy

Though the chances of natural pregnancy with Low Ovarian Reserve (otherwise Diminished Ovarian reserve) is very slow, there are still people who got pregnant with DOR (Diminished Ovarian Reserve). Some of the real life […]

Fetal heart rate 160 bpm boy or girl?

You might have heard that we can predict gender of the baby if the fetal heart rate (FHR) of the baby is above a certain number. It’s a myth that has been propagated by […]