Burning Feet Syndrome

Our feet might often become hot and painful at odd times even when are inside a airconditioned room or in place which is much colder and often at odd times. These set of symptoms are known as Burning Feet Syndrome. It’s also known as Grierson-Gopalan syndrome. It’s a medical condition that causes severe burning and aching of the feet along with sweating sometimes. Though the pain is mostly limited to our feet, it can also affect ankle and toes in certain cases..

Burning Feet sensation can be caused by any of these underlying causes. It’s important to identify what causes the burning feet syndrome as some of the below conditions might also have similar Burning effect

Whether Burning Feet Syndrome is curable?

Yes Burning Feet Syndrome is definitely curable and with right amount of Vitamin B supplements, you can get rid of Burning Feet over a few weeks?

Is Burning Feet Diabetes?

It might be, but in most people it’s mainly due to Vitamin B5 deficiency. If you are already a diabetic then you might get burning sensation in your feet as one of the side effects of Diabetes. It’s not proven yet that burning feet is diabetes.

What is the best vitamin for burning feet?

Burning Feet Syndrome is due to deficiency of Vitamin B5 and taking Vitamin B supplements or taking foods which are rich in Vitamin B5 will reduce the symptoms and get rid of Burning Feet. Vitamin B5 which is otherwise known as Pantothenic acid acid leads to Burning Feet Syndrome

How do I stop the burning sensation in my feet?

There are some home remedies as well as over the counter medicines such as ibuprofen which can be taken to reduce the symptoms of burning feet in addition to some rest as well as soaking your legs in cold water if the pain becomes unbearable.

Should I be worried about Hot feet?

As long it’s not painful you need not worry about it but if the pain continues to be there for few weeks then you should schedule an appointment with your doctor. Burning sensation in your feet might be due to Burning feet syndrome in most cases but sometimes it might be also due to some other unrelated causes

Which vitamin B deficiency causes burning feet?

Burning Feet Syndrome is mainly caused by deficiency of Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid). If your Vitamin B5 levels are deficient then your physician may ask you take Vitamin B5 supplements or sometimes if your B5 is so low, he might ask you to take an intravenous injection also

This syndrome was initially reported by Grierson in 1800’s and Gopalan in 1946 in their papers which led to this being named after them. This should not be confused with Peripheral neuropathy which is very different from this burning feet syndrome. Though both are caused by Vitamin deficiency, the conditions differ widely when compared with Peripheral neuropathy