How much time it will take to Process a EPF Claim?

This is the one question I have repeatedly heard/seen in the many comments I have received on this unofficial site

Once you submit a Claim, you can check the claim status for any of the offices in this site –


Generally it will take more than 30 days to process your Claim and get the funds credited to your account. (Say if it’s more than 60 days but if you have not still received money in your account. Then feel free to file a complaint  on the EPF Complaint Portal


Sometimes If your claim has not been processed, it might be held up to some reasons like name mismatch or confirmation from Employer etc., so contact Local EPF Office in that case!


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120 Responses

  1. Rajinder kumar says:

    Sir,I have submitted my claim against form 10c online on dated27/09/2017 and now status shows sattled but i have not receive any amount against .please guide me what should i do ?

  2. Bhawana says:

    Hi this side bhawana.. i left my job around 31 july 2017 kindly tell me when i apply for the pf? And i closed my bank account due to some issuses so kindly tell me best possible solution.. is the same bank account is mamdatory?

  3. D.Ranjith Kumar says:

    Dear sir/Mam

    Myself D.Ranjith Kumar, worked for Diamond Shipping Agencies PVT Ltd,Tuticorin from 01/02/2009 to 30/05/2017. On 01/08/2017, I had
    applied for my PF withdrawn from my office before 2 months ago.But still i didn’t yet receive my PF amount. Why this much delays every time when i contact about my PF amount why saying wait 10 days ? Its almost 60 days. How long it have to be process? Plz do some efforts & do me favor.I need PF amount in Urgent basis.

    The details of my PF number Worked Company are below

    Name – D.Ranjith Kumar
    PF No – MDTNY00099610000313
    My Company Name – Diamond Shipping Agencies Pvt Ltd
    Location – Tuticorin

    Plz Process my PF amount asap.

    Thanks & Regards
    D.Ranjith Kumar

  4. Vijaya says:

    My name is Vijaya,my pf no py/krp/0035329/000/0014057,i have submit pf withdrawal claim but no action in pf office

  5. V.L says:

    What to do incase the previous employer is not cooperating and does not want to give a signature

    • Shan says:

      Please contact your Local EPF Office as they may be able to help you in this regardPlease contact your Local EPF Office as they may be able to help you in this regard

  6. Abhishek kumar says:

    Der Sir my name Abhishek kumar my claim stust in 21.8.2017 submitted field office ne is under preces my Pf account no is 100451508331 please Sir bataken kitans time lagenga withdrawal hone me reply sir

  7. Tandeep Singh says:

    I am unable to check the claim status. I applied for my pf last month. My UAN is 100444580526.


    sir my name arjun choudhary my claim stuts in 12.09.17 submited field office he is under process my pf account no is 0001461 pls sir batayenge kitna time lagega withdrawl hone me rply me sir

  9. Pankaj Choudhary says:

    Hello sir,

    My name is Pankaj Choudhary, my mobile number is 9155641899

    I had submitted my EPF form on 10/07/17 for full and final settlement but it has been neither clear nor credited in my account whereas it’s crossed timeframe of 60 days.

    So please do the needful or suggest me the best possible way.

    Best regards
    Pankaj Choudhary

  10. Rohit Ashok Toraskar says:

    Hi i am Rohit Ashok Toraskar,

    I had been working in Sis Sdb Security Pvt Ltd for 3 Years & I had Resigned this job in Feb 2016..
    & I did fill up My form. But till date i haven’t got my pf amount I called to my HR (Vikhroli) But she told me your pf will get within 3 months. but Sir there gone 1 Year & 6 months but till date I haven’t got my pf amount it’s big issue,Sir so please look in that matter.

  11. phani says:


  12. Rafeeque says:

    Sir what are the supporting proofs Documents required for PF Withdrawals.

  13. Kapil naik says:


    I want to withdraw my Pf money, bt I am still working in same organization from 4year 3 months… What is a criteria to withdraw Pf amount… I have financial problems so want Pf money… Can u help What is a procedure…

  14. Shivkumar says:

    Sir my name shivkumar.g my pf form sent 180 days late but not credit to my account pf number 0036114 any contacts numbers sir

  15. Manjunath N says:

    This is manjunath i applied pf almost 2months complited still not get any update

  16. Gopi says:

    Sir my name gopi.g my pf form sent 75 days late but not credit to my account pf number 15265 any contacts numbers sir

  17. Rahul says:

    Hi Sir,
    i was working in Msc Agency India Pruvate limited and i have resigned on 9th May 2017. i asked my HR for PF withdrwal after two months of resignation, they said pls submit PF form and i have submitted PF form with suppportive documents. Now they are saying PF office is not allowing withdrawal you have to transfer your PF into new organisation. But i am in very emergency and need money. Kindly advice can i withdraw PF or i have to transfer there is no any option. Need your help.

    • Shan says:

      If you are employed in another organization, you can’t withdraw you have to transfer it to another account using UAN!

    • KAAK says:

      U CAN WITHDRAW UR MONEY BUT MAX OF 90% of ur pf by using form 31, BY GOING TO EPFO WEBSITE AND REGISTER URSELF its a govt epf website

  18. parvathi says:

    i want to update my new mobile number and mail id but it is not able to done, while changing in EPF website in gender option, it is prompting gender is it not availiable in this system. Any other to change the number

  19. Imran says:

    Dear sir how to chek our EPF claim status
    Company has sent my document to pf office bandra Mumbai last month 22 July but still not recieve my amt.

  20. harish bhati says:

    Hi i am Harish Bhati,
    Want to withdraw my PF but passbook available online is for one year (2016) while i joined company in 2010. Company also confirm me about deposit last five year amount.( UAN- 100162091596 ).
    Please suggest.


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