K.R. Puram Banglore EPF Office Address/Phone No/Email

EPF Sub Regional Office (Whitefield,
No. 36, NH-4, “Lakshmi Complex”,
(Opposite Syndicate Bank),Old Madras Road, K.R. Puram,
Bangalore – 560 036.
E-mail: sro.krpuram@epfindia.gov.in
Phone no :080-25613382

Map of K.R. Puram EPF Office

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221 Responses

  1. Sravan Kumar says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Please let me know the correct PF Account Number for the below account.
    Actually, my PF Account was KN/WF/52619/019. I left the job from this company in Jan 2012.
    Please let me know, how can i get the latest details for this account and know the balance.

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Shyam Sundar M S says:

    I have received the money in my account today, Thanks.

  3. Amul Pradhan says:

    Dear sir,
    My UAN no 100681064300
    PF no PYKRP00350290000005138
    I am sending to joing Declaration form in your office,,
    DOB mismatch with register data
    Please update to my correct DOB.

  4. Staccika says:


    I want to withdraw pf..my office location is in indiranagar..so where should i submit the forms..in whitefield office or richmond circle?

  5. Purna says:


    I quiet the job in 2015 Feb, I tried to withdraw the money two days back through online it asked for aadhar number update. When I tried to update aadhar number Gender details are mismatch
    In last company they didn’t get specified Gender details it is empty column.
    How I can update Gender details in UAN or PF account. Kindly suggest some solution.

  6. Anju sindhu says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am happy to see all queries being answered here, so I am posting my query very hopefully. My PF account is KN/BN/19214/035455 as per my pay slips. I left my job in Dec 2013. I need to check status online. Could you please help in this?

  7. Venkataramana k m says:

    Hi sir. My name venkataramana k m . my previous U A N no now i will continued. Now my company told now change your u a n no how it will sir.

  8. Ajit Laxman Mule says:

    Hi my self ajit laxman mule
    Working on pune bigbasket
    Submit document for pf vidrol as on 20.06.2017
    Uan no is 100640019086
    Pf account no is KN/KRP/52773/2869

  9. Bhanu Prasad says:

    Sir, my EPF account number is PY/KRP/52239/777 (this is mentioned in my pay slip).
    But I am not able to check EPF Balance of this account.
    Please check this account is active or not.

    Thank you.

  10. p sugunakar says:

    hello sir/madam,

    My UAN : 100640164491,

    i applied for pf amount in feb2017

    but till now i not recevied my pf amount

    i don’t know what’s going in your service


    i am SHANKARA CHARY SHIVA, and prop of H.M. SRI SERVICES .my pf number PYKRP1362803000. i have paid amount for 101000. for the 12 months contribution . and i have paid all 12 months amount paid one month .for that how to claim (R) ajest for 12 months

  12. Jagadeesh S says:

    I have applied for PF claim on 28th JULY 2017 and my PF NUMBER is PYKRP 005290800000000113 and Claim Id is 1707000165. And I got the message(SMS) on 09-08-2017 mentioned that claim is Rejected with Remark SUBMIT THE CLAIM WITH PAN AND 15G AND FORM/OK. And mentioned that Rejection letter is under dispatch. But so far i have not receoved any letter. Now what I should ? I need to apply once again ? and get signature from Employer again ? 15G form is mandatory ? And I have mentioned my PAN No.clearly? because not mentioned any where in Non Aadhar Claim form. Please suggest.

    • Shan says:

      “If an employee has rendered service for less than 5 years and has accumulated balance is more than or equal to Rs. 30000, he is required to submit form 15G or H along with PAN card to avoid TDS”

      If you don’t submit TDS will be deducted at 10%!

  13. Lakshmi says:

    Sir, i need to withdraw pf amount , what all documents I need to submit at the pf office.

  14. Melcureraja says:

    My name correction sir. how to change correct name

  15. Yogesh Neyyanira says:

    Hi Sir, I transferred PF from previous organisation to present organisation on 18th April 2017.
    Tracking number: 999249051704180077105
    I am unable to view the status from past two months, I even trying to call help-line number from months but all the time number will be busy, tell me what I have to do & why online transfer status website is not working


  16. Anuradha says:

    I want to know whether my form for pf withdrawal has reached the office. Uan number is 100043908859
    How many days will it take to get the money in my account

  17. kalyani says:

    Unable to update Aadhar Details in KYC
    I am getting the below error message while updating Aadhar number in KYC form on UAN portal
    ”Aadhar authentication failed AADHAR number name DOB or Gender mismatch with register data
    Please help in getting this resolved
    MY UAN NO 10055210164


    • Shan says:

      There is something wrong with your Aadhaar or your EPF details, check which one is correct and update it!

  18. Raja says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have updated KYC details via UAN new site. But still details are not validated. Due to this i am unable to claim Pf/Transfer the account. Please let me know the procedure to validate.

    • Shan says:

      You can go to PF Office directly and update your Aaadhar (that’s what I have heard) will keep you further updated!

  19. Chaitra N R says:

    Hi Sir,

    Good Afternoon. We have done life digital certificate and collected Jeevan praman number on last November 2016 for my sister and 30745 is Pension number. But we did not get the pension from May month then again visited K R Puram PF section and understand that again Jeeven Praman to be done. As per their instructions we have done Jeevan Praman on June 2017 again. But still we did not get the Pension on July 1st 2107 also. Again we visited pension office understand that every provided data from our end is correct and they said that officers are need to contact Delhi office to get the update. I am continuously doing follow up to get the things done but every time they are saying Delhi office update. This is not fair sir because her family completed depended on her pension amount due to this mistake she failed to admit her daughter to school. Very poor response from you guys to one Widow to help her. Please let us know how do we proceed further.


  20. Santhosh K V says:

    Dear sir 1st June we are submitted epf office in lalbaghroad kn/25559/1010 so please confirm how many day required for pf amount transferring to my account so please confirm


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