What are InOperative PF accounts?

Accounts which are dormant to any of these reasons below are called “InOperative Accounts”

  • Member has not withdrawn money within 3 years  after leaving the company
  • Member has died before 36 months  but the claim has not been filed or settled
  • Amount remitted to a person has been undelivered or not have been claimed back
  • Employer has not made any contribution to the account (for 36 months)
  • Any amount due to a member from the Employer which has not been settled after the claim

Under all these circumstances the PF account will become an “Inoperative Account” 

Interest would be never credited to an InOperative account !

See how to withdraw money from an InOperative account  – How to withdraw money from InOperative account 


EPFO’s InOperative Description



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3 Responses

  1. mahendra patil says:

    Please send me link how to check my old pf bal last 3 years i am left the company but no balance information available
    so request you to please send link

  2. NATARAJ K says:

    Dear sir,
    i am nataraj, i setteled ecom office my PF claim form on 23/08/2017 but still date my pf amount not credited,so i request my company he told ur claim form aug last week setteled but sir, please check my status and clear my PF amount sir,
    Name – NATARAJ K
    PF NO – DL/CPM/44491/24064
    PF PH NO -8973908704
    CURRENT PH NO – 9677421510
    MAIL ID – raj30023743991@gmail.com