Check PF Balance – Tambaram EPF Office

Check your PF Balance if your account number starts with TB/TAM

Employee PF Account Number*  :

Name (as appears in EPF Slip) :
Mobile :

a) 2nd box is for Extension (Most of the times you need not enter it)
b) If your account no is TN/MAS/34509/456789 (You need not enter anything in the 2nd box in the first line)
c) Name need to exactly match your name in PF Slip
d) Mobile number is a Must!

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21 Responses

  1. Nesanambi says:

    Dear sir/Madam,
    My company name is M/S. DELIQUAL COMPONENTS in Maraimalai nagar, here my role is Production Supervisor on 19/12/2014 to 10/03/2017, now am resigned my position, then i submit my all PF claiming procedure to this company but still now i won’t get my pf Money,
    And finally today i checked my pf Balance in this website but i got shocking output in this Invalid input/ Member and Name is mismatch against this TN/TAM/62370/0000147, so kindly help me to claim my pf Balance in this account.

    Location-Maraimalai Nagar
    Name- K.Nesanambi
    Pf number-TN/TAM/62370/0000147
    Phone number-9677387024
    Thank you,

  2. k.Amudhavalli says:

    My name is k.Amudhavalli i am resigned my job how can get my pf mony please help me.

  3. c.s.suresh says:

    I cant receive my pf deduction amount from my company.I did not get any message
    pf no:TN/10443/2806
    UAN no:101170915060
    mobile no: 9003184199
    mail id:

    • Shan says:

      Check the Passbook on UAN, if you dont see contact your company and ask what they are doing with PF and you can also file a Grievance!

  4. BALAJI P says:

    dear sir/mam,

    I have submitted my PF claim form 19, also tick mark on PF final settlement option. but I got pension amount only not full amount credited. pls guide me for further…

  5. Venget says:

    My name is Venget, recently I moved to new organization and they have created new PF number along new UAN number. I also have old UAN and PF number of my previous organization.

    may i know how to link these two UAN numbers and PF account?

  6. RAMRAJ K says:


    i’m transferred old pf to new pf account.but pension amount still in old pf account. how to claim the Pension amount…

  7. r.vijayalakshmi says:

    My name is pf applied 2years before now cant came pls help me sir.

  8. SELVAMK says:

    My name is SELVAMK. My pf applied 6 Months above up to now not came.pls help me sir. Before tambarum (TN) ;now is (TB)

  9. Sudheer kumar says:

    gd mng sir,
    My name is sudheer kumar. My pf applied 6 Months above up to now not came.pls help me sir. Before tambarum (TN) ;now is (TB)

  10. Sureshl.v. says:

    Dear Sir,
    Greetings& Thanks for the available information I would like to know my balance as on 29th February 2016.. I want to know how i have claim the same. Also le me know my p F contribution was paid by the employer for the month of February 2016 since i left the job on 24.02.2016

  11. sriganthan says: