Check PF Balance – Patna EPF Office

Check your PF Balance if your account number starts with BR/PAT

Employee PF Account Number*  :

Name (as appears in EPF Slip) :
Mobile :

a) 2nd box is for Extension (Most of the times you need not enter it)
b) If your account no is TN/MAS/34509/456789 (You need not enter anything in the 2nd box in the first line)
c) Name need to exactly match your name in PF Slip
d) Mobile number is a Must!

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25 Responses

  1. Nasir Ansari says:

    Sr epf nabar search kasi karte hai

  2. chhand charan Majhi says:

    how to withdrawal my pf money ……..

  3. sikandar kumar says:

    sikandar kumar sis security guard 1years complit hi do not epf sho sar plises epf sho

  4. Alok kumar says:

    How to check GPF balance of teachers of Begusarai, need your guidance. While checking online it states that it can be viewed by using GPF no. as user id and abc as password but this isn’t working. It shows that Wrong USER Id, there isn’t any explanation of GPF no. format, wheteher we need to use SLASH (/) or spaces between the no.s or not. PLS HELP ME OUT.

    • Shan says:

      This is only for EPF and not GPF! (GPF is a Provident Fund for Central Govt Employees)

      • Alok kumar says:

        i meant epf only, by mistake i wrote it as gpf. Deposit balance for few months and years haven’t been updated. How can i get the updated balance?

  5. Priya nath says:

    2015 ka pf 2017 tak nahi mila..why ?

    • Shan says:

      We are a group of individual s who are doing this as a voluntary service and Please contact your Local EPFO office for further details

  6. Abhinav says:

    My aunt’s PF account GYA/EDN/8586 was transferred to Patna on 25/12/2015.After repeated visits to the gandhi maidan office could not get the perfect status of my PF.Please advise the responsible officer to contact as clercs there are simply useless.

  7. deepak says:


  8. Dilip Jha says:

    What is my UAN number my pf no
    is BR/PAT/0005020/000/0350851

  9. s srijith says:

    BR/PAT/0009840/000/000659 PF STATUS


    Dear sir /madam
    I will request to you pls give me solutions activate my uan portal. I can’t login that. When I go to login that then asked new password /conform password and email ID. But it showing email ID not valid. I didn’t change my login password. Another one problem is going there. I can’t access activate your UAN based registration . Authorizations pin not receive my mobile number. My UAN number is (100598632728) PF number 0399672. I have a another UAN number (100115721603). This UAN number 8 months old. Pls help me.

  11. ramprakash says:

  12. ramprkash says:

  13. ramprkash says:

  14. ramprakash says: