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Check your PF Balance if your account number starts with PY/BOM

Employee PF Account Number*  :

Name (as appears in EPF Slip) :
Mobile :

a) 2nd box is for Extension (Most of the times you need not enter it)
b) If your account no is TN/MAS/34509/456789 (You need not enter anything in the 2nd box in the first line)
c) Name need to exactly match your name in PF Slip
d) Mobile number is a Must!

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21 Responses

  1. Kishore says:

    Recently i have moved from my prev. company to current company, my current company they created new UAN number and i transferred my prev. PF balance to current one.I received message that your PF balance settled and transferred to respective account.

    But when i check with my passbook using new UAN it is showing only current PF balance not previous one added.
    Could you help me in this issue.


  2. Mahendran M says:

    My Member ID: PY/BOM/0011394/000/1513216
    When i tried to check my balance, it shows that ”
    Invalid Input / Member name mismatch against this PY/BOM/0011394/000/1513216″
    Please help me in this.

  3. sudhakar pasapala says:


    Below transfer details was not captured in EPS system. Due to this issue my EPF advance got rejected. Kindly do the needful with your info.
    Old Memebr ID: TNMAS00507480000000739

    Claim ID: TNMAS130600000977

    New Memebr ID: PYBOM00113940000179876

  4. Niraj Vaghela says:

    MY PF numbers is : – PY/BOM/0034272/000/0579062
    I am entering all details as per salary slip but Name mismatch showing against given PF number pls help. to get corrected.

  5. AJAY BABU says:

    Hiiii my pf id: PY/BOM/1275434/000/0000073
    It shows member name mismatch

  6. Vishvanath Subhash Doijad says:

    I cant reach to my account

  7. amol madhukar gaikwad says:

    My UAN-492513079513 has activated but another unknown mobile no is showing attached herewith.
    Need to Update or attached my Mobile no 9850420861 with my UAN.
    So that i can login my account.
    My PF no is – PY/BOB/34272/714844


    Please help me I know the balance KN|34521|24469. UAN No.100041690657

  9. Sathyamorthy says:

    i lose the mobile no so i have how to new mobile no UAN no 100340788333

  10. Balwinder Singh says:

    Hello Shan,
    MY PF number PY/BOM/0034867/000/0000273 is in IN-Operative state.. I am not able to check the PF balance.
    My UAN is 100595773231
    So could you please help me to know the PF balance and process to withdraw the same ..

  11. MONU KUMAR says:

    I do not check my PF balance.
    Error – Invalid Input / Member name mismatch against this(PY/BOM/……./……..)

  12. My UAN-100203701480 has activated but another unknown mobile no is showing attahed herewith.
    Need to Update or attached my Mobile no 9289699581 with my UAN.
    So that i can login my account.
    My PF no is – PY/BOB/34272/632305


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