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Check your PF Balance if your account number starts with BG/BNG

Employee PF Account Number*  :

Name (as appears in EPF Slip) :
Mobile :

a) 2nd box is for Extension (Most of the times you need not enter it)
b) If your account no is TN/MAS/34509/456789 (You need not enter anything in the 2nd box in the first line)
c) Name need to exactly match your name in PF Slip
d) Mobile number is a Must!

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80 Responses

  1. Divya Priya S says:

    My PF number – 101056827597. How do I check my balance or status?

  2. mahesh KC says:

    Hello Sir This is Mahesh KC i would like to no know my UNA number ( pass word) can you help me in this…..

  3. Vijesh says:

    I am not able to update my grievance for non receipt of the PF amount for my old company.

  4. Venkatesulu.K says:

    Dear Sir.. My PF No. PY/BOM/1162324/575 and am not able to find out PF Balance. Please suggest me.

  5. garima sharma says:

    Dear Sir,

    My epf number is KN/BN/46621/718. I dont have a UAN number and unable to check the status. Please help.

  6. Sudhir shriram kadam says:

    pf no bg/
    bng/0035224/000/0498263 And my joined
    date 20/11/2012 Plz my pf balance total …

  7. Sonu Kumar Jha says:

    Dear Sir,

    i ll miss my epf number.. i have only my UAN number and also i want my epf number and his status.
    please check my PF details.

    UAN No-100994608545

  8. Sanket says:

    Hello sir..
    My pf account no-KN/16573/98125
    I want information my balance pls help me how to check balance

  9. Sudhir shriram kadam says:

    My sudhir shriram kadam and my emp no 612461 And my pf no bg/bng/0035224/000/0498263 And my joined date 20/11/2012 Plz my pf balance total give me my gmail ib and my call no 9029858419

  10. Rekha says:

    Dear sir..My Name is rekha..My husband worked as a cad operator in garments since 3 yrs ..past 5 yrs back he foregotten PF Number so please give a solutions sir how to get PF Amount pls sir am waiting for ur reply sir..pls hlep me ..

    • Shan says:

      You need to contact the Employer to get the EPF number!

    • Yogesh Juneja says:

      My previous company name is Base corporation Ltd I have lost my pf account no working period is 2001 to 2003 send me yo the company pf account no

      • Shan says:

        For InOperative accounts see here -

  11. Rikky kotoky says:

    Sir, please check my PF details.

    PF no.


    UAN no.


  12. Santhosh K V says:

    Dear sir Please confirm when my epf amount will transfer to my bank account my epf nokn/25559/1010

  13. Shahid says:

    I want to know my epf status I can’t able to check my epf status

  14. Pavi says:

    Sir can I withdraw my current company PF cause of some personal reasons…

  15. Johnson Muthu says:

    I want to know my EPF status. I am unable to check my EPF Staatus
    Acc No : KN/3501926523
    Name : Johnson Muthu
    Mobile NO: 8296391910

  16. prajarathinam says:

    what is the status of my EPF balance sir km/34521/24469

  17. Rashmi C says:

    How can i know my EPF Status KN/92980/262

    • Shan says:

      Your PF number is should have state/officecode/Establishmentcode/000/PFnumber – TN/MAS/3142342/000/0001224

  18. mahesh says:

    Dear sir my father re-triad in 8months back but still we did’t get PF, what is the status pls let me sir. PF No-BG/BNG/0005911/0000782.

    • Shan says:

      Sir we are a group of individuals who are doing this as a service, please contact your Local EPF Office for further details.

  19. Anuradha BH says:

    Pypny 00247490000027747 approved for payment through cheque payment under process

  20. Ram kumar K R says:

    I want to know my EPF status. I cant able to check my EPF status.


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