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The below one doesn’t work

This is because EPFO has changed the way in which we can check our EPF Claims.You can now Check Claim Status only using UAN –

Claims of PF Accounts starting with WB/DGP can be checked here

Check Claim Status using only UAN


*   DURGAPUR Employee PF Account Number

a) Let us say account no as WB/DGP/0046593/000/0041649
b) In 1st Box enter 0046593
c) In 2nd Box enter 000
d) In 3rd Box enter 0041649
e)This is only for checking the claim status

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2 Responses


    I. HAVE MADE JEEVAN PRAMAN ID1016048937 linked with Aadhar No 830337194307
    PPO no WB/DGP/28757
    On 20/11/2017
    FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT 0476010118521 . While updating no pension money deposited from August 2017
    After completing all formalities why no money deposited in my A/c I am unable t understand. I live in Kolkata moreover I am right now not in a position to move.
    Kindly look into the problem and make correction in your record (if necessary) and disburse the amount due and continued.
    A acknowledgement will be highly appreciated. Thanks, Regards

    • Shan says:

      Please contact your Local EPF Office

      Note: we are group of individuals who are running this site to help people understand more about EPF and we are no way connected with EPF Office!


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