Check Claim Status – Chennai PF Office

The below one doesn’t work

This is because EPFO has changed the way in which we can check our EPF Claims.You can now Check Claim Status only using UAN –

Claims of PF Accounts starting with TN/MAS can be checked here

Check Claim Status using only UAN


*   CHENNAI Employee PF Account Number

a) Let us say account no as TN/MAS/0085978/000/0053043
b) In 1st Box enter 0085978
c) In 2nd Box enter 000
d) In 3rd Box enter 0053043
e)This is only for checking the claim status

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41 Responses

  1. Amit kumar says:

    Your grievance has been registered in EPFiGMS vide Registration number RCHEN/E/2017/21571 and has been sent to:
    Officer’s Name :Sh SALIL SANKAR
    Address of the concerned Officer : EPFO, RO, Chennai
    Phone Number :04428133795
    Email ID :

    I need to know sir , how many days it would be taken to resolve my complaint.

  2. Amit kumar says:

    Hello ,I really need help , the company which i have joined is harassing me and not clearing my PF account ,here i am mentioning my PF details, UAN-100797927737
    PF code-TN/35791/460122
    ESI code- 1713394662

  3. Nagaraj karnan says:


    Hi my PF claim status is not showing it’s showing still last on 29 Nov 17 . My UAN Number : 100024347487
    Please help me accordingly.

  4. Joseph Gilbert says:

    Hi Shan,

    Could you please give PF office contact number (Royapet, chennai)?

    I browsed and tried. But the numbers are not working.

    Joseph Gilbert
    Mobile: 9841254731

  5. Joseph Gilbert says:

    Actually I tried the below format.


    Is it correct?

  6. Vinod Singh says:

    Hi my PF claim status is not showing it’s showing still last on 12 Oct 17 . My PF no TNMAS00357910000120859.
    Please help me accordingly.

  7. Raveendra says:

    Hi shan,
    My name is raveendra..
    Claim ID : TNMAS170900028347

    Above that one is my pf status..
    But it was last updated 12.10.3017..
    Actually how many days it will be taken..
    Kindly give me the reply plzzz…

  8. K.Gururaj says:

    how to check my pf balance

  9. Venkatesh says:

    Hi sir still my Pf under process kindly let me know the status pls my Acct TNMAS00519760000003629 received on 04.09.2017 and Claim ID TNMAS170900003194 is under process.

  10. K.Gururaj says:

    My pf account is TN/AMB/06845/0000230.what is my actual number?

  11. Praveena.R says:

    My PF claim status is not responding my pf no is TB/TAM/1294102/00022. Can u pls help me how 2 visit that status.

  12. Bharathi says:

    Sir I was worked in Indiainfoline a Mumbai based company on 2006 to 2009 and I resigned and don’t know whether I claimed pf, how can I claim I don’t know my pf no

    • Shan says:

      For InOperative accounts see here -

  13. Bharathi says:

    Can I know my old pf no Mumbai pf account

    • Shan says:

      For InOperative accounts see here -

  14. Manikanta says:

    My PF clime status not respond in your site .My pf no:TN/MAS/1280506/154
    Please help me

  15. PRABHAKARAN says:

    my pf cliam stauts not working

  16. Anand says:

    My pf account is TN/53083/85.what is my actual number?

  17. shyam lal das says:

    Mobile no change

  18. johnson swamy katta says:

    sir , i have work in ppms company in 2012 – 2014 and i had submitted pf form this month
    this error coming
    no record found
    data available since last six month
    chennai data available from 13-03-2017
    approval details on ppo and scheme certificates will be made available soon

  19. johnson swamy katta says:

    Sir my name johnson swamy katta my pf claim status is not responding in your pf no.TN/MAS/0050761/000/0014279
    so please kindly help me

  20. Devrishi kumar Mishra says:

    My pf claim status is not reponding in ur
    pf no-TN/36791/296914
    Member name-Devrishi kumar mishra
    so ok kindly help me


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