Check Claim Status – Chandigarh PF Office

The below one doesn’t work

This is because EPFO has changed the way in which we can check our EPF Claims.You can now Check Claim Status only using UAN –

Claims of PF Accounts starting with PB/CHD can be checked here

Check Claim Status using only UAN


*   CHANDIGARH Employee PF Account Number

a) Let us say account no as PB/CHD/0021714/000/0098937
b) In 1st Box enter 0021714
c) In 2nd Box enter 000
d) In 3rd Box enter 0098937
e)This is only for checking the claim status

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2 Responses

  1. Karuna says:

    With due respect,i ld like to state that i got amount through form 19 but not get amount against form 10c (through web site) i got information that my service was more than 10 years so the part of form 10c claim i didn’t get .
    Amount standing against my 10 form i did not get. so could you please Let me know how i will get that amount or if that amt now become part of pension scheme then how much time it will take to start that pension part and at what age i ll be getting that pension part.