Check Claim Status – Ahmedabad PF Office

The below one doesn’t work

This is because EPFO has changed the way in which we can check our EPF Claims.You can now Check Claim Status only using UAN –

Claims of PF Accounts starting with GJ/AHD can be checked here

Check Claim Status using only UAN


*   AHMEDABAD Employee PF Account Number

a) GJ/AHD/0032265/000/0044073
b) Let us say account no as GJ/AHD/0032265/000/0044073
c) In 1st Box enter 0032265
d) In 2nd Box enter 000
e) In 3rd Box enter 0044073
f)This is only for checking the claim status

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3 Responses


    Please help me , pf office is also not help me ,all doc send this email but not reply. please tell me what can i do.

    • Shan says:

      Please contact your Local EPF Office

      Note: we are group of individuals who are running this site to help people understand more about EPF and we are no way connected with EPF Office!

  2. Ekta manish sukhadwala says:

    GJAHD00253400000001098 my register member id number and uan number 100590054530 i have withdrall process online but i am not succes please help me my pf withdrall amount